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Road Aid

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KeyKey Lock Out – Key Lock Out service is limited to the attempt of unlocking or the opening of doors of a covered vehicle should the insured accidentally leave his or her key in the vehicle.


Jumper CablesJump Start Service – Jump Start Service is limited to the attempt of starting the insured’s covered vehicle with a jumper cable if the battery has been drained of its capacity to start the vehicle.


TireFlat Tire Change – Flat Tire Change Service is limited to the changing of a flat tire with the insured’s covered vehicle’s spare tire and equipment.


Gas CanOut of Gas Service – Out of Gas Service is limited to taking the insured to the nearest gas service station to purchase gasoline. A Pacifica Road Aid Serviceman may also offer to purchase gas at a nearby gas service station and deliver the gas to the insured for their covered vehicle.


Tow TruckTowing Service – Towing Service is available for non-accident related cases. Lift tow services only.

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