Claims Process

Individuals who purchase insurance are aware of how much coverage an insurance policy provides and how much premium they must pay for such coverage. Most, however, are not aware of the claims department who, in essence, is a vital component of any insurance company. Underwriters have the responsibility of providing quotes and setting up the insurance policy. The claims department assures the Insured that whatever is stated in the policy will be honored and handled professionally. Every claim is different, which means that the claims handling process varies depending on the type of claim and the size of claim.

Every claim begins with the investigation of facts. Pacifica Insurance Underwriter’s, Inc. (PIUI) requires its customers to report any claim within a 24-hour time frame. The Claims Adjuster gathers all the facts of the loss from those involved and reviews the policy to confirm coverage and limits to that coverage. At PIUI, we take our customer’s claims seriously and provide quick response to claims.

Automobile Claims

Documents needed to file an automobile claim are as follows:

Other Claims

Please contact our Claims Adjuster for instruction on other types of claims.

A Claims Adjuster has many responsibilities. He or she may have to investigate further into the claim if facts in the case seem out of place or statements contradict. In such cases, it may require more time to determine if the claim is legitimate. Processing a claim should only take a few days.

Our company is committed to assisting our customers with getting their lives and properties back to pre-accident condition, provided all necessary documents are submitted in a timely matter. Our Company strongly believes in working together with our customers and providing the best claims handling on island. Rest assured, we are committed to making any and all claims hassle-free.

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