General Lines

Your business deserves the best protection. Big or small our company can help you secure your assets and your interest. After serving the CNMI for over 43 years, we can comfortably say that we are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and the capacity to ensure your company's full protection.

The most common types of commercial insurance lines available in the market are as follows:

Commercial Property

Commercial Property Insurance will help secure and protect your company’s property from catastrophic events and natural disasters. Such perils may include fire, theft, and natural disasters.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability (CGL) provides coverage for bodily injuries and property damages that your company may have caused to third parties. The cost of defending your company, as a result of such damages or injuries will be covered under a CGL policy.

Commercial Automobile

Most, if not all, businesses require some form of transportation that would require insurance. In the CNMI the Mandatory Automobile Liability Insurance also applies to commercial automobiles. Whether you operate a van, truck, or a bus it is mandatory by law to have a policy that will protect at least third parties from bodily injuries and/or property damages caused by you or a company employee.

Workers Compensation Insurance

The Workers Compensation (WC) program provides compensation and medical expense coverage to employees of a business in the event that one gets injured on-the-job. Businesses with a valid CNMI business license is mandated to obtain WC coverage through Public Law 6-33 for its employees. Rates for WC are governed under the CNMI Worker's Compensation Tariff. 

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