Pacifica 2019 Art Contest

Art Contests:

Category 1 - 1st place - Selina Salim, Brilliant Star Montessori School

Category 1 - 1st place - Selina Salim, Brilliant Star Montessori School


Category 1 - 2nd place: Category 1 - 3rd place: Category 1 - 4th place:
Category 1 - 2nd place:
Jeongbin Park, Garapan Elementary School
Category 1 - 3rd place:
Katrina Wu, Saipan Community School
Category 1 - 4th place:
Danica Malaborpor, Sinapalo Elementary School
Category 1 - 5th place: Category 1 - 6th place:  
Category 1 - 5th place:
Soledad Sablan, Saipan Community School
Category 1 - 6th place:
Monica Miah, William S Reyes Elementary

Category 2 - 1st place - Irish Viray, Saipan Southern High School

Category 2 - 1st place - Irish Viray, Saipan Southern High School


Category 2 - 2nd place: Category 2 - 3rd place: Category 2 - 4th place:
Category 2 - 2nd place:
Daehun Kim, Marianas High School
Category 2 - 3rd place:
Kassandra Oropesa, Hopwood Middle School
Category 2 - 4th place:
Shi Yihong and Zhang Yurong, Agape Christian School
Category 2 - 5th place: Category 2 - 6th place:  
Category 2 - 5th place:
Mary Joy Arboleda, Hopwood Middle School
Category 2 - 6th place:
Jermaine Yalung, Rita H. Inos Jr. Sr High School

About the 2019 Pacifica Art Contest:

Two students were paid a surprise visit at their schools last week by Pacifica Insurance Underwriters, Inc. president Shirley Sablan and marketing coordinator Samantha Sikayun after winning first place in the 2019 Pacifica Art Contest.

Brilliant Star School's eleven-year-old Selina Salim won first place in the 6-11 age division (1st to 6th grade), and Saipan Southern High School's sixteen-year-old Irish Viray won first place in the 12-17 age division (7th to 12th grade).

There were over 300 submissions: 100 plus entries for the 6-11 age division and 200 plus for the 12-17 age division.

"I was blown away by the level of talent during this year's art contest. Our judges had the most difficult task of choosing just two out of the many," said Pacifica Insurance Underwriters, Inc. president, Shirley Sablan. "On behalf of everyone at Pacifica, I would like to thank the judges, school administrators and teachers for helping us ensure the success of our contest."

Salim and Viray each received a $300 cash prize and various art supplies.

This year's judging panel included Youth Affairs Special Assistant, Monique Boyer Sablan; 2018 Miss Marianas, Celine Concepcion Cabrera; and Stellar Marianas National Director, Crispin Deleon Guerrero.

"Having different opportunities for students to showcase their abilities, talents, and comprehension of current events happening throughout our island is important. Super Typhoon Yutu really took a toll on our community and to see that reflection of hope and faith to overcome throughout their pieces of art was very special. I thank Pacifica Insurance for continuing this awesome opportunity and I look forward to supporting many more to come," said Monique Boyer Sablan of Youth Affairs.

"The creations of those who participated in this contest were amazing. I applaud everyone for sharing their talent of their reflection of Super Typhoon Yutu," said Crispin Deleon Guerrero of Stella Marianas. "I can't wait to see these art pieces displayed not only here in the Marianas but worldwide as well. We are definitely "Marianas Strong"."

"Thank you, Pacifica Insurance for allowing me to be a part of your annual art contest. This year was especially special because it was dedicated to those who suffered through Super Typhoon Yutu, & by judging the incredible art pieces submitted by our youth, I felt in my heart the pain & loss that were endured during this difficult time. It gave me the feeling that no matter any difficult time, as long as we work together as a community, we will remain strong & overcome any obstacle together," said Celine Cabrera, 2018 Miss Marianas.

Students were asked to create and submit an original art piece, including the slogan "Faith & Hope Post Super Typhoon Yutu." Art pieces were judged based on anonymity. Judging criteria were creativity and originality, quality of art piece, clarity of theme, and presentation .

For more information about the Pacifica Art Contest, call (670) 234-6267/7722/7310 or contact us via email. Pacifica Insurance is located at the Joeten Center in Susupe.